“Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, but give us the determination to make the right things happen.” Peter Marshall

LEAF serves as the governing board and advisory group for transformation initiatives. Our collaborative also provides leadership and support to efforts that work to empower our communities to develop resilience and recovery-oriented systems and reduce the stigma associated with mental health, substance use, and behavioral health problems.

Key values:

• Consumers, families, and youth should be full partners in our collaborative efforts;
• Services and service systems should be person-centered and recovery-oriented (for adults) and family-driven and youth-guided (for children);
• Organizations and communities should invest in promotion, prevention and early intervention;
• Services and supports should be community-based and inclusive of both traditional and nontraditional services and recovery supports;
• Services and supports should be strength-based and build on individuals’ capacity for resilience;
• Systems should be culturally and linguistically competent; and
• Systems should be accountable and data-driven

Current initiatives governed, supported and promoted by LEAF are Systems of Care; Texas Recovery Initiative; Peer Support Services via Neighbor to Neighbor and Mental Health First Aid.