In an effort to get more community, family and youth involvement, members, stakeholders and board members of LEAF often organize and participate in workgroups focusing on key issues and tasks. Some examples of workgroups or committees that work to problem solve, plan, and provide feedback to our system of care development include:

1. Cultural Linguistic Competence Committee
2. Family/Consumer Voice Workgroup (Neighbor to Neighbor)
3. Resiliency and Recovery Workgroup
4. Community Outreach and Resource Development
5. Trauma Informed Care C

The overall functions of LEAF, and stakeholder workgroups, is to:

a) Provide leadership in developing and promoting a values and principles driven system of care.
b) Create an equal partnership, giving recovering individuals and families voice, as we pursue opportunities and coordinate funding to address the behavioral health care needs of our rural region.
c) Identify and develop community assets, including natural and nontraditional supports, to build more options for a stronger continuum of care.

To find out more about our workgroups and how you can participate call: (806) 291-0388 or email Kay Brotherton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.